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Chromium Picolinate
Model No: SWD005
Manufacturer: Swanson

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Avg. Price: $10
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Clears Up Acne While helping with Blood Sugar
Oct 26, 2008 12:09 pm

Joined: Oct 24, 2008
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My step-daughter and I have both utilized chromium for the last few years. Whereas blood sugar issues play a role in causing acne, SD uses it to clear up the acne she gets every time she visits her mother and lives on junk food. She's in love with it! I take it for blood sugar issues but am not as sold on it as SD is.

Date Purchased: Off and on for 3 years
Price Paid: $10
Recommend: Yes
Clears up acne. Does appear to help regulate blood sugar but I don't 'feel' the difference on a daily basis.

Takes about a week for the acne to disappear. I am uncertain if it needs to build up in the system to be effective or if it takes a week to undo the internal/balance damage from one weekend's free-for-all. Regardless, it is a slow-to-act product making it more difficult if it is actually helping thus a challenge to maintain the regime.

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