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Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

If there was only a remedy that made us all feel better, stay healthy, have more energy, and helped to us to enjoy a better quality of life.  It’s just too good to be true, right?  Well, maybe not.  Amazingly, this ‘remedy’ may lie within our ability to control our blood sugar levels.  In fact, national studies performed in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States have shown that controlling blood sugar benefits us in the short and long term.  Energy management and enhanced immunity are notable short term benefits, while long term benefits encompass disease prevention such as reducing risks for diabetes.

Many people fail to realize that controlling blood sugar reduces the stress on our bodily organs.  When we eat, the food we consume is broken down into sugar (glucose).  This glucose circulates throughout our body until our pancreas releases insulin to shuttle it into our body’s many cells so that we can use it for processes relating to energy.  However, if our blood sugar levels are constantly ‘through the roof,’ our cells may resist insulin and we may not get the energy we need to keep major organs working.  This condition is known as insulin resistance.  If not corrected, high blood sugar levels will cause our pancreas to quit releasing insulin all together.  Our body’s cells become starved for energy.  This is Type II diabetes, or adult-onset diabetes.  If this condition is left untreated over a period of time, extremely high blood sugar levels will damage the eyes, nerves, blood vessels, and even the kidneys.

So why is it so important to understand this little lesson in human physiology?  Well, Americans don’t hold the title for “healthiest dietary practices in the world!”  Dietary standards are on the decline in all Westernized societies and diabetes is on the rise. Millions of adults are diagnosed yearly at an earlier age.  In the late 80’s the mean age for diagnosis was 52, now it’s in the mid 40s.  This trend will surely continue as 2/3 of the adult population is now considered overweight or obese.  What’s more, the progression from elevated blood sugar levels to diabetes is gradual.  Most people don’t know the have the condition until its too late.  It’s a frightening prospect as millions of individuals are on a path to diabetes and aren’t even aware of it.

Whether you currently suffer from diabetes, or are wishing to prevent its onset, there are powerful tools (other than diet and exercise) that you can utilize in the battle for blood sugar control.  Research has shown that many vitamins, and herbs can safely, effectively, and naturally lower blood sugars and help prevent diabetic complications. And, when these vitamins, minerals, and herbs are combined together in scientifically validated, synergistic formulas, they’re even more potent.  The following products are considered among the best of all nutritional supplements for effectively lowering blood sugars and providing diabetics with the specialized nutrients they need.
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