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Horsetail (Natural Silica)
Model No: SW231
Manufacturer: Swanson Premium Brand

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Avg. Price: $4
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Great for Bones, Connective Tissue, Skin, Ligaments Etc.
Nov 6, 2008 3:29 am

Joined: Oct 24, 2008
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The stem of this water loving plant is chock full of silica and silicic acids. These substances not only help mend broken bones they also form collagen which is essential where ever bones, muscles, and the like are concerned. It is scientifically proven to increase bone density, thus is used to treat as well as prevent osteoporosis.

It has diuretic properties, therefore is useful for a UTI.

When camping horsetail (aka puzzle-grass) makes a fairly decent pot scrubber. ;-) Beware wild crafting this herb without research. Only one phase is generally considered medicinal and at least one type is known to be poisonous to horses (others are not) with unknown effects upon humans. Craft with care!

Do not use this product long term without supplementing with a B Complex vitamin esp. if you consume alcohol on a regular basis. Can cause Vit B6 deficiency.

Date Purchased: 02/06
Price Paid: $4
Recommend: Yes
Increases bone density, helps broken bones heal, great for muscles, etc.

It may enhance the effects of digoxin, phenytoin, and anti-coagulants. Please consult with your doctor prior to usage, dose reduction may be possible.

Long term use can cause Vit B 6 (thiamine) deficiency, with an increased risk when regular alcohol consumption is present.

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