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Supermom vitamins
Manufacturer: Beeyoutiful

(Based on 3 reviews)
Avg. Price: $39
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Great Energy Boost!!
Oct 26, 2008 11:44 pm

Joined: Oct 24, 2008
Points: 555

As a single mom, I really need the energy to keep up with an active 2 year old and our household. The price is a bit steep, but I'm glad to keep paying it for the needed energy boost. I expect these vitamins would be great for anyone!

Date Purchased: 1/2006
Price Paid: $40
Recommend: Yes
Great energy, good boost.

Bit Pricey

Alright Vitamin
Oct 26, 2008 4:27 pm

Joined: Oct 26, 2008
Points: 150

I found this vitamin to be good but to big for me to swallow. It has a bit of an after taste and for me that is just something that I can't get over.
It did however give me a boost of energy that is much needed when raising three children. It's just that after taste.

Date Purchased: 05/2008
Price Paid: $40
Recommend: Yes
Extra boost of energy

After Taste

Supermom vitamins
Oct 24, 2008 7:34 pm

Joined: Oct 24, 2008
Points: 165

These vitamins are great! They are a bit pricey compared to store bought vitamins. They are $37.00 for a three month supply, but they are worth it! I took these when I was pregnant, and I still take them. They are the only vitamins that do not make me feel sick to my stomach. They give me the much needed energy a mother needs to keep up with the demands of little children!

It is not just for moms. Any woman can take these to benefit a more healthful lifestyle.

Date Purchased: 02/24/2007
Price Paid: $37
Recommend: Yes
It helps reduce morning sickness. It gives you energy, and it helps make healthy breast milk if you are nursing.

It is more expensive than store brands.

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