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Resveratrol Complex
Model No: R6SWU248
Manufacturer: Swanson

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Avg. Price: $18
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red wine extract
May 8, 2010 8:22 pm

Joined: May 8, 2010
Points: 150

French people have lower rates of heart disease, but I'm not willing to do that much drinking. This give you all the benefits of drinking several glasses of red wine a day, without the tipsiness and hangovers.

Date Purchased: 4/10
Price Paid: $18
Recommend: Yes

Nov 6, 2008 9:44 am

Joined: Nov 6, 2008
Points: 225

Has the same benefits as drinking red wine or Concord grape juice by Welch's. Good for the heart.

Date Purchased: November/2008
Price Paid: $18
Recommend: Yes
Just a great product.


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