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Fat Loss

Inconsistent dieting is one of the main causes of weight gain in the United States.  Up and down diets does more harm than good for our physiques.  Consistency is king when it comes to nutrition.  Itís a delicate balance.  Consume more calories than you use (expend) in a given day and youíll store it as body fat.  On the other hand, not consuming enough food can also lead to weight gain.  When we crash diet to loose weight, our bodies send an alarm to our brains saying that weíre starving.  Itís a famine alert.  And what happens when our bodies think theyíre starving?  They respond by slowing down metabolism and storing fat rather than burning it. 
ItĎs a survival mechanism; body fat is our most abundant source of energy.

Losing body fat after itís stored is extremely difficult.  Itís considered a test of our will power and a fight against our natural physiology.  It doesnít help that fat-burning is big business either.  Letís face it - Americans want instant everything, and quick improvements in body composition are no exception.  However, the majority of Americans are getting their dieting and weight loss information from the campaign ads of popular fat loss supplements instead of validated, scientific study.  Industry giants lead the average person to believe that weight loss is near instantaneous, when in reality the process is gradual.

When results are not as fast as youĎd like, itís easy to get distracted or loose motivation.  If youíve tried to diet and exercise consistently you know that itís not easy from switching from huge proportion sizes and inactivity, to smaller well balanced meals and rigorous exercise.  When you deviate from what your body construes as normal, itís not a happy camper.   There are, however, supplements that have been designed to support your weight management goals.  There is no ďmagic bulletĒ for sound weight loss, but there are synergistic blends and individual supplements that promote the fat burning process while keeping you motivated.

Finally, realize that dietary supplements and diets that support fat loss are as unique as the individual utilizing them.  And, with so many products available, you may find it difficult to find the supplement that works for you.  With The Supplement Guide, you need to look no further.  The following products have been evaluated for their efficacy and safety, and include:
  • Supplements designed to increase energy expenditure,
  • Supplements designed to modulate carbohydrate metabolism,
  • Supplements purported to increase satiety,
  • Supplements designed to increase fat oxidation or reduce fat synthesis,
  • Supplements purported to increase water elimination, and
  • Synergistic combinations that are designed to do one or all of the above.
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