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Fish Oil Omega 3
Manufacturer: Nature Made

(Based on 18 reviews)
Avg. Price: $12
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Oct 27, 2008 3:01 am

Joined: Oct 24, 2008
Points: 1170

I used to take this pill every day for 5 years and i have to say I'm still healthy because of it. Even though the taste and smell aren't that great, it really helps your health.

Date Purchased: 10/7
Price Paid: $20
Recommend: Yes
Can lower cancer causing problems.

Taste and smell

Fish Oil Omega 3
Oct 26, 2008 7:51 pm

Joined: Oct 25, 2008
Points: 285

I tried this product because I heard it was great brain food. I couldn't swallow the pill- it was so huge. I almost threw up when I finally was able to swallow it. I only took it once and that was enough for me. It gave me bad breath and it smelled horrendous.

Date Purchased: 01/07
Price Paid: $15
Recommend: No

Too large of a pill, bad smell and gave me bad breath.

Quality supplement
Oct 26, 2008 7:00 pm

Joined: Oct 26, 2008
Points: 270

Good stuff. I have read many articles about the values of fish oils in your diet. So I decided to try Nature Mades fish oil tablets. Very good product. at a decent price

Date Purchased: january 2007
Price Paid: $15
Recommend: Yes
add fish oil daily to your diet

no downside i could find

Oct 26, 2008 5:25 pm

Joined: Oct 26, 2008
Points: 45

I started taking this recently after my husband went to his annual check-up and was put on Lipitor. It was a sign I should take better care of myself and we need to eat right. In addition to eating more fresh food and less meat we started taking fish oil.

Date Purchased: 10/2008
Price Paid: $20
Recommend: Yes
Omega 3 is suppose to reduce some cancers.

Inexpensive compared to medication.

The smell of Omega 3 is rather unpleasant!

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